Industry Targets Overview

OH hardware intersects business in many areas. In some cases, open source hardware businesses are resellers, designers, and educators. They share a common business plan of selling products and allowing free use and and modification thereof. In other cases, open source hardware is working its way into traditional businesses such as the jewelry, apparel, and medical industries in the form of available products.

This section is broken down into subsections according to the Global Industry Classification Standard. Each subsection will discuss current and predicted future trends and impact of open hardware on that business sector, followed by a list of relevant open hardware projects. The classification sections are based on Appendix A in the GICS Methodology pdf from 2006. The sector definitions are taken from

* Energy
* Materials
* Industrials
* Consumer Discretionary
* Consumer Staples
* Health Care
* Financials
* Information Technology
* Telecommunication Services
* Utilities

Open Hardware Projects:


Manufacturing OSH Projects

3D printing

Laser Cutting

Electronics Fabrication

CNC Projects

Education and OSH


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