Industry Targets


This page refers to the official NAICS sectors, a listing can be found here


Manufacturing (31-33)

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (54)

Due to their permissive licensing, and open design files, open hardware works well as a prototyping platform. Instead of designing a custom microcontroller for a new product, an Arduino running custom firmware can handle many tasks. Bug Labs has a product called "The Bug", a modular wireless prototyping platform. The Bug allows users to accelerate research and development, due to the many COTS components and ease of integration. Bug Labs has recently joined with Verizon to offer a certified development platform for their wireless CDMA network. Any Bug device that uses a Verizon approved CDMA modem/access cards will be allowed onto their network.

Health Care and Social Assistance (62)

Arts, Entertainment and Recreation (71)


Bug Labs/Verizon Press Release

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