A hackerspace (also known as makerspace, hacklab) is a real-world (versus online) location where people interested in technology, electronics, computer, and the general making-of-things can meet, exchange and worth together on individual or group projects.

Hackerspaces are open communities that facilitate people working, either solo or in groups, on technology-related projects. They are generally accepting of people in the surrounding community, with many hosting outreach programs and workshops. The exact activities that go vary from space to space, but there is in general a large degree of focus on electronics and computer work. They typically include electronics development setups, computer labs, workspaces and machine shops that are free for members to use. By the pooling of tools and knowledge, people are able to work on their interests more effectively and discover methods they may not have considered otherwise.

Hackerspaces are often supported primarily through memberships. Memberships typically grant access to the space, voting rights on how the space is run and discounts to classes (another revenue stream). Some spaces are also supported in part by outside sponsorship. It is not uncommon for these organizations to be registered as 501(c)3 non-profits in order to be able to process tax-free donations and cement their community-serving nature. Funds acquired often go towards rent, utilities, and facilities maintenance, acquisition of tools and hosting events for members and the community .

List of Hackerspaces
A list of recorded hackerspaces is available at hackerspaces.org.

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